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The breakdown of the family, legalized abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex "marriage"
happens when we are deceived about our identity.


Identity matters.

Through our Baptism,

we became children of God in Christ Jesus, called to live as His

sons and daughters.


Sex education is built on a foundation that diametrically opposes God's design for parents to instruct their children in purity.

Kinsey's theory about children placed the most innocent directly in harm's way.



In order "for childhood
to include sexuality, someone has to intrude upon childhood innocence."



The primary goal of those
who constructed the foundation
for sex education was teaching society the importance of infant and childhood sexuality.

To consult prevailing "sex experts" is to let their language and perspective influence our teaching. Soon, people use unholy language to justify their sinful behavior.


Once people identify themselves as "sexual," they become increasingly open to and tolerant of personal expressions of sexuality.

Our Baptism is a daily

reminder to see ourselves the

way God sees us.


Sex education is the cornerstone
of Planned Parenthood.
Sexualized and desensitized children are the base of Planned Parenthood's pyramid.



Sexuality is not the sum total
of who we are as male or
female persons.

"My identity was not 'gay' or 'homosexual,' or even 'heterosexual,' for that matter.
But my identity as a child of the living God must be in

Jesus Christ alone."

Christopher Yuan


If we were fundamentally

"sexual," then this would hold

true not just before the resurrection but also after the resurrection...

But what does Jesus say?

It is not absolutely necessary that we experience the joy of "one flesh" in biblical marriage, but it is absolutely necessary that we should be holy.


God created us to be relational people but, because He did not make sexuality central to being human, we can relate to one another in non-sexual ways.

As co-workers and stewards of this earth---young or old, married or single---our complementary differences serve well as we live in anticipation of Christ's return.


To be male or female is a … vocation for daily use in glorifying God. God does not tell us to abstain from being male or female … We don't do battle with the attributes of maleness or femaleness, but with "sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry..."

Sex education was intended to make children who are
"sexual from birth" understand how central their "sexuality" is
to their humanity and to express that sexuality in ways different from their parents.


To many of us scurry from

Genesis 1:27 and skip straight to [the one flesh] union. But in doing so, we miss something very important about the essence of male and female. 

The Christian who struggles with same-sex desires on this earth but trusts their identity as a baptized child of God in Christ has the promise of abundant life in heaven, not where they will find fullness of sexuality, but complete holiness and eternal life with God.



The woman is the bearer of life. She deserves to know why her chemicals, hormones and procreative organs are worthy of respect. Purity and motherhood should never be compromised by callous disregard for modesty.

Women who see themselves as God sees them help their brothers in Christ better navigate the journey of life to their eternal destination.


Christians should know that due to sin's corruption, having sexual information is not sufficient to make good sexual decisions; in fact, if that sexual information was acquired at the loss of modesty, it has actually weakened the child's resistance to sexual temptation.

Where is the wisdom in desensitizing boys and girls

or making common what God intends to be uncommon for

His honorable use?


The blurring of differences
between male and female is a radical agenda unsupported by hard science.


How we dress says something about who we think we are.

We want to guard the physical and spiritual health of a young woman just as we want to guard her right to childhood, right to girlhood, and right to maidenhood.


For the adolescent boys, in or out of the classroom, arousing discussions or visual images might stimulate dopamine neurons to make him feel good or excited. There may be a desire to seek more of that kind of talk or imagery even if risk is involved.

We have flirted with humanism and embraced skewed social science. We reinterpreted Scripture in light of "new" information

presented by unbelieving neighbors in the land.

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