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Our Identity Matters

Linda Bartlett writes:

Language matters.  The words we use matters.  What we call something matters. When a woman decides to abort her baby, we ask, "What is it?" We ask the woman, "What is it that you want to abort?" How something is identified determines the value and purpose of that something. It affects what we do with that something.


As a Christian, I reject defining language such as "product of pregnancy" and "glob of tissue" that de-humanize unborn children and their mothers.The God of creation identifies what He creates. He says, "I have called you by name, you are Mine."

Beginning in the early 1960s, even born children have been wrongly identified by a language that opposes God.This language changes the way we view children. It changes the way boys and girls view each other.Thinking ourselves wise, we embraced foolishness. We believed the lie.

What is that lie? It's the one that we've been told and the one that we've repeated for over half a century. 
The lie is this: "Children are sexual from birth." It is the lie of Alfred Kinsey who, in identifying children this way, did not mean that children are boy or girl from birth; rather, he meant that they have the capacity for sexual pleasure and response--with each other and with adults. Have you heard children identified this way? Have you believed it?  Do you identify yourself as a "sexual being"?
This lie changes the way we see, hear and obey God.

This lie takes us dangerously close to idolatry. It speaks what God does not and turns our eyes to the created rather than the Creator.

We do not want to malign or speak ill of those teaching sex education. Linda Bartlett did not write 

The Failure of Sex Education in the Church: Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity to accuse any parent, pastor or teacher of ill-intent but to sound an alarm within the Church. We have not been on guard, carefully discerning between human opinion and God's Word. We have flirted with humanism and embraced skewed social science. Bartlett's book is written to encourage God's people to repentance,

forgiveness and renewed faithfulness in teaching a God-given identity.  

Many Christians want to teach children about "God's gift of sexuality," but:

  • What does this mean?
  • Is this Biblical language?

  • Where do our eyes turn when we focus not so much on
    God's gift of sexuality, but on His
    design for sexuality?

God's design for sexuality is within the boundaries of one man/one woman marriage,but His design for manhood and womanhood is not bound by marriage. To be labeled a "sexual being" shadows our vocations of manhood and womanhood. God does not call us by our sexuality.  He calls us by name (Isaiah 43:1).


Parents of children in public and parochial schools have been told for over 50 years that getting children more comfortable with their sexuality would help reduce teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But today there is an epidemic of STDS and depression among teens.

Across the country, girls are sexualized and boys are tantalized. Teen pregnancies, living together, sexual experimentation, single parenthood, and abortions continue to chip away at the cornerstone of society which is marriage and family.

But there is hope.
There is always hope!

Listen to the Introduction of the book read by the author...

you shall
be sons
and daughters
to me,
says the

1 Corinthians 6:18

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