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"Seduced by the promise that we were helping our children understand themselves, countless Christian parents have subjected our children to the dangers of living under a false identity.    In this groundbreaking book Linda Bartlett, a consummate voice for life, reveals the lie that “sex education” is built upon, and warns us that self-identifying as “sexual beings” is a dead end.  Bartlett’s call to teach our children purity and to help them live as the children of God is a healing word that every Christian parent should hear.  I know I want my kids to read it for the sake of their children."

Rev. Terry Forke
President Montana District LCMS
and Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church Harlowton, Mt.

Several Open Books
Rev. Stephen K. Preus,
Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Vinton, IA

"The devil's plan is to desensitize us to what should shock our socks off. If you are a Christian who knows that you ought to be embarrassed about the sexually saturated culture but don't know exactly how to voice your concern, this book will help you put a confession to your thoughts. If you are a Christian who has never placed his views of sexuality under the scrutiny of Scripture, this book will make you think about how much you yourself have been influenced by contemporary sex education. Linda Bartlett exposes the lie about our identity as "sexual beings" and brings to light the truth of our identity as God's children, washed clean of our sins by the blood of Jesus, holy and precious in His sight. "The Failure of Sex Education in the Church" is a wake up call to parents, pastors, and Christian educators, and a sobering study on a topic (very) often neglected in the church."

Man with Book
Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Heimbach,
Senior Professor of Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
& author of True Sexual Morality and
Why Not Same Sex Marriage?

"I have included The Failure of Sex Education in the Church: Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity on the list of required reading for a course I will be teaching this fall on "Christian Sexual Ethics".  Thank you for sharing a copy of your book with me and blessing me by quoting my work in what you wrote.  So much is at stake in this huge battle and it encourages me to know we are on the same team.  Not only am I keenly aware of the moral-spiritual battle being waged in our schools over sex education, but your book on the subject also illustrates the strategic relevance of proper training in true sexual ethics for the Church, for our children, for our schools, and for society at large."

Rev. Dr. Benjamin T.G. Mayes

"The breakdown of traditional sexual ethics in society and church is an alarming symptom of a deep-seated malady. Linda Bartlett has the courage to identify some of the root causes of this malady, and to say what has been ailing the church since the “sexual revolution” of the 20th century. Her wise words deserve to be heard.

Rev. Todd Wilken, 
Host of Issues, Etc.

"Bartlett has written a "catechism" --an exhaustive and completely honest one at that-- outlining a half-century of what she rightly calls "sexual social engineering" in the culture and in the Church. She demonstrates that sex education is a tragically failed experiment in which the Church can no longer participate. She also exposes the dirtiest secret of the sexual revolution, that for many, the end of the sex education path has been the abortion clinic. But, Bartlett does more than diagnose; she proposes a hopeful, radical and thoroughly Scriptural remedy: Parents and grandparents teaching and mentoring children in biblical manhood and womanhood. Her message throughout is, despite all the damage done by sex education, it's not too late."

Rev. Steven Cholak, 
LCMS Youth Ministry

"We live in a highly sexually centered culture. The world continues to entice the church with Satan's age old question, 'Did God really say...?' The church must answer with Christ by saying that we are much more than just creatures of sensuality, we are temples of the Holy Spirit and redeemed children of God in Jesus. Linda Bartlett's book nicely lays out a clear way to engage in dialogue for the importance of a thoughtful and God-centered understanding of our identity before God in a sinful world. She affirms how important our ongoing work is to catechize and teach our youth about the faith so that we can articulate our redeemed station before God and its importance over and against the world's sexually defined one."

Open Book
Rev. Dr. Brian Saunders,
President, IA District East LCMS

"I her book, Linda Bartlett asks the same question St. Paul did to the Church at Colosse.  In Colossians 2:20 Paul asks, Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules?  Linda's research on this topic is second to none.  She uncovers the perversity of the Kinsey Report, Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood, and Mary Calderone of SIECUS which have become the standard authorities on sexuality in America today.  Linda points out how the Christian Church has adopted and accepted some of the basic tenets of these worldly voices when it comes to sex education.  This book challenges the Church to return to instruction concerning purity, order of creation, family, and faith.  She beckons the Church back to a biblical understanding of humanity and the limits of the young mind to understand sexual content.  Her critique is not without recommendations to correct this downward trend in our society.  I find her insights to be compelling and her use of biblical narrative to be in accord with the Lutheran Confessions.  This is a must read, and I do mean a must read for parents, pastors, and teachers of the Church."

Adult Students
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